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Apple warranty check

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apple warranty check
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apple warranty check - Comments
By Bryce1987
November 24, 2012, 23:36
yes you can and actually need to instal both 32 and 64 bit packs to get 100% functional setup as some apps use 32bit version of codecs while others use 64bit....
apple warranty check - Comments
By Reuben1972
October 25, 2012, 21:51
very interesting application.at present, it is quite buggy. it may work better on a win xp machine than my win 7.in the 10 minutes i tried to use this application, i discovered that "run as administrator" must be checked to install it and must be checked to run it (and, of course to uninstall it). i found that it has an insufficient number of weather stations. the closest to my home was 90 miles away and in an entirely different weather zone ... that is, it was close to sea level while my home is at 6200 feet above sea level. it does, however, allow the user to enter latitude and longitude, but it seems to ignor that. i was not able to successfully get the application to center on my location. it wanted to center, first, on the major city closest to my home, and then, as i zoomed in, on a location about 200 miles northwest of that area. and the application crashed a couple of times. i made no attempt to find out why.this looks like it may be a very good tool in the future, but, at present, it is obviously still in the "alpha" stage, certainly not yet ready to be called a "beta" application. so i have uninstalled it, but will try it again when it is updated.good luck to the application author. you have lots of work ahead to make this application useable.
apple warranty check - Comments
By Clyde1973
December 25, 2012, 15:14
what is now called "pro" used to be the free version. the free "lite" version is worthy of its name. many key features have been disabled, most notably the ability to rip discs.
apple warranty check - Comments
By Gregory1979
March 29, 2013, 04:06
this fixes the spidf issue from the beta drivers, so now vista users have full surround-sound capabilities and usage of an spdif out for bitstream audio if they wish.i still wish they'd include the subwoofer control from the console launcher program (you'll still want to dl that program use a subwoofer for non-dolby/dts items) but as a driver, this is about as good as you could want.it's amusing that it's been a year and a half and we only now have the same performance and features that the xp x-fi drivers have had for years. yes, vista is different...but like every other driver mishap, it's not like vista snuck up on anyone.
apple warranty check - Comments
By Julius1970
March 25, 2013, 21:55
seems like it does a very good job that will help to save my hearing when using the in-ear phones. it didn't work on all the files i had in my batch, but if i put the ones it failed on through mp3normalizer (which doesn't seem to do much on its own), mp3gain can then normalise them after all. quality of the sound seems fine so i think that here is a program that will stop me going mutton jeff (deaf for non-c***neys)!

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